“Croatia open” celebrates its 20th anniversary!


    CRO Open 2016Dear friends,

    As some of you may know, “Croatia open“ celebrates its 20th anniversary. Our wish was to organize the competition this year in Slavonija. Our aim is to promote orienteering sport in eastern region of Croatia as a part of the International Map Year.

    We would like to point out that we organize this event as volunteers and we always strive towards raising the standard of the competition, but sometimes we have a hard time keeping up with the competition. They are lately organizing multi-day events on Croatian coast an islands claiming that they’re doing that in order to further the development of orienteering sport. To some of you it’s probably hard to even imagine what is happening on Croatian orienteering scene, but unfortunately that is our reality.

    “Croatia Open” was always organized in such a way that you, participants, were always a priority to us because we knew that “Croatia Open” wouldn’t survive all these years without your support and participation. As we didn’t manage to achieve our goal to regulate organization of international events in Croatia by parties who are not a part of the Croatian national orienteering federation, we are forced to cancel the “Croatia Open” project after this year. Croatia will irrevocably lose a part of its orienteering identity. The club which faced many challenges, managed to push through many hard situations and decisions can no longer operate in such harsh environment because it negatively affects our sport enthusiasm and dignity.

    In the end, we invite all of you, our dear friends, to join us this year on the last edition of 5-day “Croatia Open” in Croatia. We will do our best to ensure a memorable experience for you. Slavonija has rich and vast tourist potential and will not disappoint you!
    Looking forward to seeing you this summer in Croatia!



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